UPS - General Settings

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You can find the plugin settings in the WooCommerce menu → Settings → Shipping → UPS.

WooCommerce UPS - settings

API Settings In order to show your customers the available UPS services based on the order details, you will need to have a UPS account whose credentials you will have to use to get the plugin working.

WooCommerce UPS - API settings

Origin Settings By default, the plugin gets the origin from the WooCommerce settings. You can change this address using a dedicated option.

WooCommerce UPS – origin settings

Origin is optional for WooCommerce 3.2 and higher versions. If you have an older version of WooCommerce, entering the origin in the plugin settings is mandatory.

Advanced Options

WooCommerce UPS – advanced settings

Weight Unit For the sake of UPS service price calculation, by default, WooCommerce sends the weight value using the unit of measurement taken from the settings. If you encounter any problems with service price calculation and you see the following message "This measurement system is not valid for the selected country”, you can change the unit of measurement for weight for the UPS services. This way, the current weight unit will be recalculated to the unit required by UPS.

Debug Mode Enabling the debug mode will let you identify problems with UPS service price calculation. After you turn on this option, in the cart and order summary you will see error messages related to the data sent to the UPS’s API. Store administrators and managers will also see the very data sent to the UPS’s API.

If the debug mode is on and there are problems with UPS service price calculation, store customers will see error messages. If you don’t want your customers to see them, enable the maintenance mode in your store.

API Status If the plugin is not able to connect to the UPS’s API, you will see a specific error message.

WooCommerce UPS - invalid API connection

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