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'There are no shipping methods available...' notice - How to check if the DPD UK service is available for specific postcode?

In some cases even after creating a new shipping method and choosing the DPD UK service which should be used for that method you may still get the There are no shipping methods available... notice in the cart or checkout after entering the specific postcode. Please mind that not all of the DPD UK services you can choose from the Service dropdown list on the shipping method configuration screen provide the 100% coverage of the UK area.

If you encounter the problem mentioned above you may have to configure the additional shipping methods using the different services to make the entire UK teritory be fully covered. In other words if e.g. the Expak 1 service gives you the There are no shipping methods available... notice please add the new one using the Expak 5 or TWO DAYS service.

To make sure which DPD UK services should be available for the specific postcodes go to DPD website, enter the proper postcodes and hit the Quote & Book button:

You will be redirected to the page displaying all the available DPD UK services for sender's - SW1A 1AA) and recipient's - B73 5BL postcodes:

DPD UK API error: consignment[0].totalWeight: Number not in range

If you have encountered the error above while creating the shipment from the DPD UK metabox on the Order details screen probably the entered package weight is lower than 0.1 kg. DPD UK API requires it to be higher or at least equal to 0.1 kg:

To solve the problem please change the package weight to be at least 0.1 kg or higher.

DPD UK API error: consignment[0].parcelDescription: Missing mandatory field

This error is caused by the fact that DPD Europe by Road service requires filling the Parcel Description field. If you are using the DPD Europe by Road service, enter the Parcel Description to create shipment without this error. You can add it in the DPD UK metabox on the order edit page, or in the DPD UK shipping method setting to automatically fill this field for all orders. 

DPD UK API error: consignment[0].collectionDetails.address.street: Maximum length exceeded error

This error is caused by too long address details. You can change it in the Sender details in the DPD UK plugin settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > DPD UK). The maximum length should be 25 characters. 

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