Flexible Shipping - How to add a new shipping method handled by Flexible Shipping?

General Settings

Go to menu WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping

Select the shipping zone to which you want to add Flexible Shipping. Then, click Add shipping method and select Flexible Shipping

Once you add the Flexible Shipping method, you need to click it. You'll see a new screen where you can configure your Flexible Shipping's shipping methods.

As you see in the screenshot below, there are  DPD and FedEX shipping methods inside the Flexible Shipping method.

You can add your shipping methods. Simply click the Add New button. (Do you need help with adding or editing shipping methods?)

Learn more about WooCommerce Shipping Zones here →

Enable/Disable - enable or disable the Flexible Shipping method.

Shipping title - visible only to an admin, handy when you add multiple instances of Flexible Shipping.

Tax Status

  • None – tax won't be applied to this shipping method.
  • Taxable – tax will be applied to this shipping method, tax rates for shipping can be set in WooCommerce tax settings.
Important! Calculations for rules, i.e. cart totals are always based on WooCommerce tax settings. Flexible Shipping uses the prices and totals that are displayed in your store. For example, if you display prices in store with tax but you enter them without tax, Flexible Shipping will use the prices with tax added.

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