Flexible Shipping - Currency support

Currency support

Flexible Shipping is prepared to calculate shipping costs by several currency switcher plugins. Currency exchange is supported for the following plugins:

  • Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce,
  • WooCommerce Multi Currency Store,
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher,
  • WPML.

Support for other currency switcher plugins

For advanced users only. If you do not perform this operation with care, you may even damage your WordPress installation.

It is possible to use a filter flexible_shipping_value_in_currency in currency converting that use Flexible Shipping.

Example for WPML plugin:

if ( isset( $woocommerce_wpml ) ) { add_filter( 'flexible_shipping_value_in_currency', array( $this, 'flexible_shipping_value_in_currency_wpml' ), 1 ); }

public function  flexible_shipping_value_in_currency_wpml( $value ) { return apply_filters( 'wcml_raw_price_amount', $value ); }

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