Flexible Shipping PRO - Progressively increasing weight based shipping

There are situations when you prefer to use increasing shipping costs based on weight instead of a flat rate.

Benjamin owns a website which sells herbs. Shipping services that he uses costs $20 for a package under 5kg. Above that weight, there is $3 of extra payment for each additional kilogram. Benjamin wants to make sure that his customers will pay full price for the shipping, so he configured Flexible Shipping to suit his needs.

Plugin configuration

  1. Add new rule based on None and set:
    • Cost per order: 20
  2. Add second rule based on Weight and set:
    • Min: 5
    • Cost per order: -15
  3. Add third rule based on Weight and set:
    • Min: 5
    • Additional cost: 3
    • Value: 1
Cost per order in the second step should be a result of multiplication Additional cost and min weight from the third rule. In this example 3 x 5. 


The shipping costs will be:

  • up to 5 kg: $20
  • for orders that weight 6 kg: $23
  • for orders that weight 10 kg: $35

File ready to import

Below you can download ready-to-go file with above configuration and import it in Flexible Shipping settings in your shop.

Download scenario's CSV

Wondering how will it work live?


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