FS Table Rate - Shipping cost as a percentage of order’s value (PRO)

Let's assume that you are outsourcing the shipping. You and your outsourcer have a deal: the outsourcer gets 15% of the order's value as his salary. You would like to add 15% as the shipping cost for your customers.

Shipping scenario

Add a rule based on Price and set:

  • Additional cost: 0,0015
  • Value: 0,01

It means for every 1 cent of an order, add 0.15 of a cent for a shipping cost.


If your customer's cart value will be $100, the shipping cost will be $15 as it's 15% of $100.

File ready to import

Below you can download ready-to-go file with above configuration and import it in Flexible Shipping settings in your shop.

Download scenario's CSV

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