Flexible Shipping - Import/Export Shipping Methods

Flexible Shipping plugin allows you to import and export shipping methods. Shipping methods can be saved as JSON file. You can find a sample weight-based shipping method already configured and ready to download here (In order to dowload a sample configuration file right-click the link and choose the Save Link As...).

Flexible Shipping shipping method JSON setup

We have made multiple ready to use scenarios that you can download and import to your WooCommerce store.

Import shipping methods

To import shipping methods add a new Flexible Shipping method. Then, inside click on Import button.

Flexible Shipping import shipping method button

Choose JSON file with Flexible Shipping method and again click on Import button:

Flexible Shipping method JSON file import

Each shipping method have to be imported separately. There is no option to import them in bulk.

Export shipping methods

This option is available only in the Flexible Shipping PRO plugin.

To export your shipping method just select it and click on Export selected button. The JSON file with your shipping method will be downloaded.

Flexible Shipping method export to JSON

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