WooCommerce DPD UK - FAQ

How to install WooCommerce DPD UK?

Check out the  Installation guide →

Does the plugin support DPD Local?

Yes, this plugin supports both standard DPD services and DPD Local services.

Is it necessary to have a DPD account?

Yes, to use the plugin you must have a DPD or DPD Local account. You also need the API access: username, password and account number.

How to get a DPD or DPD Local account?

To use DPD you need to sign a contract with DPD. If you do not have a contract yet, check out the DPD New Customer Enquiry.

For DPD Local services, you just need to register an account at DPD Local New Customer Enquiry.

How to enable the API access?

In order to access the DPD API, please contact your account manager. If you use DPD Local, then request an API access at MyDPD Local.

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