WooCommerce DPD UK - Configuration

You can find DPD UK in your WordPress menu: 

WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → DPD UK


API - select which API you want to use: DPD or DPD Local

Username, password and account number

Enter the access data to your MyDPD account.

Creating shipments - automation

Create shipments manually from the WooCommerce orders page or automatically based on the order status.

Shipment Date Switch Select the hour after which the date of shipment will be set for the next day. By default all shipment date will be set on the same day the shipment is created.

Create shipments By default you can create shipment manually in the order metabox or from bulk actions in the orders list. To create shipments automatically select Automatically and choose order status.

Order status Select order status for automatic shipment creation.

Complete order Enable to automatically change order status to completed after creating shipment.

Printing options

Label format The format in which the label will be generated.

Email notifications

Tracking number Check to add DPD tracking number and link to the WooCommerce confirmation emails.

Sender details

Sender details are required to create shipments and list services.

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