WooCommerce DPD UK - Creating Shipments

Creating individual shipments

If the customer chooses DPD UK shipping method you will see a DPD metabox in the order edit screen.

Service You can change DPD service. The list will include services available for the customer's country and postcode.

Number of packages You can add multiple packages to one shipment.

Total weight (kg) Weight will be set automatically based on the weight of the products in the order. If you add more packages it will be a weight for all packages.

Liability The liability will be set automatically based on the order total.

Delivery instructions This is the delivery information added by the customer during checkout.

Reference Additional notes that you can add for each shipping method.

Parcel description Description of the contents of the shipment i.e. shoes. You can set a default description for each shipping method.

Create Creates a shipment in the DPD. After creating shipment you will not be able to change shipment details.

Save Save data delivery without creating a shipment in the DPD service.

For shipment, which was created in the DPD service:

Track shipment Open the DPD tracking page.

Get label Gets the shipping label (in the format selected in the plugin settings).

Sending bulk shipments

To create shipment for multiple orders, select them in the list of orders WooCommerce, and then from the Bulk Actions, select Send shipment and click the Apply button.

For more information about managing your shipments in WooCommerce, see the shipping management manual →

Automatic shipments

You can fully automate creating DPD shipments based on the order status. To enable automatic shipments, see Create Shipments - automation section

Additional DPD shipments

The WooCommerce DPD plugin allows you to add shipments to manually created orders and to orders with other WP Desk shipping integrations.

In the order edit screen locate Add shipping box. Select DPD UK integration, then click Add. A new DPD UK box will appear where you will be able to set up and send a DPD shipment.

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