FS Table Rate - Free shipping for specific product / shipping class (PRO)

Shipping scenario - Free shipping for specific shipping class

If you are running a shop with products of different sizes and prices, you may have a specific products in your shop that you'd want to ship for free for your customers. With this shipping scenario you will learn how to offer free shipping for a specific product (shipping class).

Plugin configuration

To achieve above scenario, please add a new shipping method using Flexible Shipping PRO and add a new rule to it. You will then assign this rule to a specific shipping class in your WooCommerce shop:

  1. Set Cost per order to 0 or leave this field empty
  2. In the column Shipping class, select the class that you want to offer free shipping for:


If your customer puts in the cart a product with a Free shipping class, in checkout form he will only see free shipping method you've just added.

Disabling other shipping methods if there's a product with a specific shipping class in the cart

If you want other methods to disappear when there's a Free shipping product in the cart, please edit your existing Flexible Shipping method in a way presented below:

  1. Add a new rule at first place on the list and in the field Shipping class set a class for which the shipping should be free
  2. Select Cancel:

Final effect

If a customer adds a product with shipping class Free shipping to his cart, he will only see the free shipping method in his checkout form. Other shipping methods will be hidden.

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