Connect - How does FS Connect work?

What is FS Connect?

FS Connect is:

  • an online service,
  • a part of the Flexible Shipping plugin and
  • the best solution to shipping in your WooCommerce store!

How can FS Connect help you?

You can use FS Connect to create shipments directly in your store. You don't have to create them manually in the carriers' systems.

The process is automatic. Flexible Shipping collects shipping details from the orders.

Once it creates a shipment, you can download printable shipping labels. Also, the plugin adds tracking links to confirmation emails.

Is FS Connect free?

FS Connect is a paid service but you can start for free! We offer a few packages to choose from. You pay for the shipments created. Packages don't differ in any other way. There is a free package with 50 shipping labels per month.

How to start?

You need to  download a plugin and register an account.

Once you connect your store to FS Connect, you'll be able to choose carriers.

We designed FS Connect in the way you don't have to update the plugin to get the latest features. Simply connect your store once and you're ready to go!

You will use FS Table Rate to create shipping method using carriers from FS Connect. Here you can find a guide on  how to add shipping methods to your store →

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