Connect - Registering an account

You can register a new FS Connect account only from Flexible Shipping plugin in your store!

To begin, go to registering a new account screen. Click Sign up for Connect from the Quick Tour screen...

or click the Settings link under the plugin's name on the plugins list.

Once you click the link, you'll be redirected to the settings screen. You can find the Register link there.

Once you click the link or the Sign up for Connect button, you'll see a new screen. Here you can register for a new FS Connect account.

As you see in the screenshot, you need to provide your e-mail address. By default, this field is already filled with an e-mail address of a store's admin.

Click Sign Up button to proceed.

(If you've got an error during signing up, try out  Troubleshooting).

Once you successfully sign up, you'll get your Connect Key. We'll send you the Key to your email inbox. You can use your Connect Key to all your stores, not only the one where you registered an account.

Finally, click the link shown in the screenshot to automatically connect your store to FS Connect...

or copy-paste the Connect Key and click Connect button there:

That's all. You have successfully registered an FS Connect account! Now you're ready to  configure the first carrier.

For Advanced Users

The solution can be useful for local installations

By using a define in wp-config.php, you can set the domain that will be seen by Connect API. For example, if you use: 


An account in FS Connect will be registered for the store. After moving the page to production, you need to delete the definition from wp-config.php.

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