UPS Connect - How to Add Shipping Method

To add new UPS shipping method, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping. Then click the shipping zone, e.g. UK.

Inside the shipping zone, click Add shipping method:

Select Flexible Shipping and then again click Add shipping method:

Once you add Flexible Shipping, you can click it. Do it to proceed.

You can create any number of shipping methods inside the Flexible Shipping method. 

UPS provides a lot of services. You can create different shipping method for each UPS service. Also, you can just use live rates. This way you will need only one shipping method.

Anyway, click Add new to proceed.

Once you add a new shipping method, you can configure it. Here you can find a guide on  how to configure shipping method in Flexible Shipping →

Remember to select UPS in the Integration option.

Next, select either Live or Custom Rates:

Find out more information about each type:

Once you select the type of rates, you can proceed with other integration options:

Negotiated rates - Enable this option if you want to offer your customers rates that include discounts from your UPS account.

Residential address - UPS defines residential address as delivery to a home including a business run at home.

Description - Provide the information about package's contents.

Reference - You can provide any text that will be printed on a shipping label.

Package type - The default one is custom.

Package weight - You can provide the package weight. It is optional. By default, it is calculated from the order. FS Connect sums up the product's weight.

Fallback - This option lets you provide an optional flat rate if at the moment UPS doesn't provide any shipping costs or services, e.g. API doesn't work. This is used only for Live rates.

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