Flexible Shipping - Tax settings

For shipping methods made with Flexible Shipping plugin taxes work exactly the same as for flat rate shipping methods. If you enable taxes in your store, you will have to enter the shipping price without the tax.

Enable shipping taxes in WooCommerce

To enable shipping taxes, you first have to enable tax rates and calculations option in WooCommerce settings ( WooCommerce > Settings > General).

Enable tax rates and calculations

After that, you will be able to enter the Tax settings in the WooCommerce. There you can set the tax class for shipping.

Shipping tax class

The shipping prices have to be entered without the tax even when you select Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax option.
To enable taxes for shipping, go to the tax class that you set in Shipping tax class and enable Shipping checkbox.

Enable shipping in standard tax rates

Tax Status in Flexible Shipping method

You can also enable or disable tax for certain Flexible Shipping methods. Inside Flexible Shipping method settings you can set Tax Status.

Tax status

You can set it as Taxable and use taxes for this shipping method, or set it as None and disable taxes for it.

Additional cost and Taxes

If you set Additional cost based on price in Flexible Shipping rules, it will be added based on shipping price with the tax. Shipping tax is added by WooCommerce after all rules calculation.

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