UPS Connect - Custom Rates

You can choose  Rates type to be either Live or Custom.

You can select the option while  configuring a shipping method:

Once you select the Custom option, you can choose a Service type you want to configure:

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the configuration screen. You'll find a table rate there.


You can add unlimited rules to a shipping method by clicking  Insert rule button. Calculations are made in the order of rule in the table. Drag & drop rules to change the order of calculations.

Based on - select what the rule is based on.

  • None - select for a fixed fee.
  • Price - based on cart total. If a shipping class is assigned to this rule cart total will apply only to products from this class.
  • Weight - based on the total weight of the cart contents.
  • PRO Item - based on the number of items in the cart,
  • PRO Cart line item - based on the number of cart line items.

Min / Max - enter a range for a 'based on' parameter. The shipping cost will be calculated for this range. Leave empty for any value.

For example: for a rule based on price enter min and max cart total values for matching a rule

Cost per order - enter a cost for the rule.

PRO Additional cost - enter an additional cost per Value field.

PRO Value - enter the value for Based on condition. Additional cost will be calculated for every beginning value.

By entering "1" an additional cost will be added for every dollar (or other currency in your store), item, kg (or other weight value in your store) or cart line item.
For a rule based on Item entering "5" will add additional cost for every beginning of 5 items.

PRO Shipping class - which products or shipping classes the rule applies to.

  • All products - for all products with or without a shipping class.
  • None - for all products without a shipping class.
  • Any class (must be set) - for products with any selected class.
  • Select class - select one or more shipping classes.

PRO Stop - check to stop calculating the following rules if this rule is matched.

PRO Cancel - check to disable this shipping method in the checkout when the rule is matched.

If you need more help, check out our documentation about  FS Table Rate →

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